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Tuesday, 9 February 2010


1. Telling stories of objects using maps // Very basic example but maybe useful as explanation of the use and application of GEOTAGS for objects.

2. Method and devise for geo-tagging objects before of after creation // Lots of blabla but it has some diagrams that could be useful.

3. Geotagging market // The abstract of an article about the new market opportunities that geotags brings. The article should include forecasts and predictions 2009-2014. But this report costs £1,499 so...enjoy the abstract!

4. Yahoo! Geo Technologies // A webpage I havent explored widely, but that leaded to a very interesting article about a pending patent from Yahoo to develop applications using geotags + social networks.

5. 6th sense technology // a video-demo from TED. For me, a little too ambitious (and sometimes pretencious), missing mainly the "human" layer. Too many diverse applications are shown, but some are definitely related to what we are exploring.

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